Experience Goa With Cidade De Goa Resort

Beauty Of Goa

Beauty Of Goa | Image Resource : wordpress.com

Goa is one of the most popular and favorite destinations in India not only for the tourists coming from other countries but also for the tourists coming from other parts of India. Goa has a special appeal and attraction because of its nice sandy beaches, historic churches and lively atmosphere. With so many tourists visiting Goa every year, the city has seen growth of facilities in the form of resorts, hotels, shopping centres and many more to offer excellent facilities to the tourists.

Cidade de Goa – the Gateway to the Real beauty of Goa

Feel the mesmerizing Beauty Of Goa preserved in its natural with the comfort of all the modern facilities in a single place called Cidade de Goa. It is one of the best resorts of Goa spread across the total area of 40 acres all along the calm and beautiful beach line of Goa. Cidade de Go has been very artistically set up with intimate alcoves, balconies hanging overhead, beautiful view of the beaches and much more by internationally renowned architect, Charles Correa. The resort is situated very close to the capital city Goa with a travelling time of merely 10 minutes away along a nice soothing pathway that will refresh you even before you actually get to the resort.

Cidade de Goa

Cidade de Goa | Image Resource : starhotelsgoa.com

Cidade de Goa offers limited number of accommodations and especially during the peak season, it can get almost impossible to find one instantly. Thus the best way is to book you accommodation in advance with Cidade de Goa online booking facility that is available of the official website of the resort. You just have to select the arrival and departure dates along with the number of adults and children and click on book now to book your accommodation in advance.

Explore the place with Cidade de Goa Packages

Cidade the Goa offers so much that it can be very difficult for you to enjoy every facility that is on offer. You can also miss some of the best of the Cidade de Goa owing to the mismanagement that can leave with no time to explore everything. Thus it is not a bad idea choose from the numerous Cidade de Goa Packages that is offered by many tours and travels. With a good package, you can make the most of your time and money as they package is designed with the visit to main attractions in mind.

Cidade de Goa Amenities

Cidade de Goa Amenities | Image Resource : starhotelsgoa.com

Enjoy the endless Cidade de Goa Amenities

Cidade de Goa offers so many facilities that one cannot even imagine it in the best of the dreams. There are more than 6 types of rooms available to suit your requirements like family suites, junior suites, classic etc. Once you have settled you can choose from a large number of restaurants on offer like Alfama: The Chef’s Speciality Dining, Laranja: International Buffet Restaurant etc and there are bars as well. Cidade the Goa offers so many ways to make the best of your time with the availability of two swimming pools, pavitra ayurveda spa, indoor activities, outdoor activities, water-sports, shopping arcade, special facilities for children and much more all under the same campus.


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